"That's it, Bigby! To the shrink!" — Crubbs to Ned, Guide to: A New Grade and Dodgeball

Harvey Crubbs
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Guide to: Vice Principals and Mondays

Vice Principal Harvey Crubbs (Hamilton Mitchell) is heavily inspired by the character Sonny Crockett in the hit show Miami Vice. He dresses exactly like Crockett and music very similar to the Miami Vice theme plays whenever he appears and takes his sunglasses off. He is always keeping an eye on Students, especially Ned. He is obsessed with flamingos, mini powdered donuts, and sunglasses. His greatest fear is getting in trouble with his boss, the superintendent.



  • Originally, he wanted to be a cop in Miami because the title had the word "vice" in it, but he discovered he was not helping the criminals not do bad things, yet he was punishing them. He expected it to be like TV. He became a vice principal because he was helping kids, and the title still had the word "vice" in it. An obvious reference to Miami Vice.
  • His last name is a combination of Crockett and Tubbs (Miami Vice stars last names) In addition, he is always seen wearing white suits with pastel-colored T-Shirts underneath, his office is filled Miami-related decor, and a theme similar to the "Miami Vice Theme" is played whenever he appears.
  • In the episode Bad Habits he claims his nickname in college was Doctor No. This is a reference to the 1962 James Bond Movie Dr. No.
  • He belched in the forbidden episode of Belchsters.