Lakisha, Doris, and Katie/The Huge Crew
From left to right, Lakisha, Doris, and Katie.
Title Lakisha, Doris, and Katie
Name Lakisha, Doris, and Katie/The Huge Crew
Nickname The Huge Crew
Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Hometown Culver City, California (All of them)
Profession Student
Parents Unknown
Lover(s) Ned Bigby (Crush)
Friend(s) Cookie

Coconut Head

Frenemie(s) Any girl that likes Ned-(Rival)
First Appeared Guide to: The First Day and Lockers
Last Appeared Guide to: Music Class and Class Clown
Portrayer Jennifer Hyatt (Doris)

Jherimi Carter (Lakisha) Cathy Immordino (Katie)

"Thank you!" 

-Doris to Cookie in "School Clubs"

The Huge Crew is a group of violent girls who have a huge crush on Ned. They tend to pick on and even beat some of the girls, mostly Moze. They also target Coconut Head who likes all three girls because of their aggressive nature. The group consists of Doris Trembly and her two friends, Lakisha and Kati.



Crushes: Ned


The Huge Crew appears when Ned tries to give Suzie lemonade. however, Doris instead drinks it which lemonade is her favorite. She & her crew then dance with Ned

School Elections

Best Friends

New Semester

The three approach Ned. One of Lakisha or Katie drops a book on Ned's foot, causing him to scream in pain, while the other sprays water on his mouth. Doris then kisses Ned on the lips. After kissing them she high fives one of them and excitedly says they can cross kissing Ned of their list.


The Huge crew appeared when Doris & Loomer both talked to Ned & Moze.

School Clubs


Substitute Teachers

New Kid

You can hear Katie's voice in The New Kid in which she says "Hey Ned!"

Valentine's Day

Class Clown

Season 3

They're written out of Season 3 and it's unknown what happened to them afterward.


  • Despite being Ned's Girlfriends, they sometimes do the good things like how they cheered for Ned, Latisha cheering for Ned in Guide to Spelling Bees, & the huge crew saving Ned & Cookie from the Killer Bees In Guide to Best Friends
  • The only member to kiss Ned is Doris, who kissed him on the lips in New Semester.
  • It's possible that the Huge Crew were the ones that said some things about Ned in Guide to: Bathroom. where it was revealed that Suzie borrowed the red lipstick from the huge crew.
  • The Huge Crew does not appear in season 3. possibly because they are probably in high school. Despite this, Doris continued to appear in the intro, pinning Moze to a locker.
  • They are similar to the Bimbettes
    • since both three of them obsessed with boys
    • both have rivals.
  • it's unknown if they dated Coconut head since he does have a crush on them as revealed in Guide To Valentine's Day.
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