"..But speaking of fire, did you see Lisa? She is Hot!""
~ —Seth to Cookie, 2001 "Guide to: Money and Parties"


Seth Powers
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Series info

Seth Powers (Alex Black) is the clueless and basketball loving boy of Moze's dreams in seasons 1 and 2, who suddenly becomes smart after going out with Evelyn Kwong.

He is always seen spinning a basketball (which he loves more than anything and anyone) on his finger and making up bad rhymes and commonly says "laters". In the episode "Secrets", it's implied that he may have dyslexia. He is also known to spell basketball with one "l".

Seth is proven to be a horrible speller in the episode "School Websites", where he couldn't spell the word "Basketball" and instead spelled it as "Basketbal". Seth is to be once seen dropping his basketball in "Art Class". Despite being ignorant, he does have feelings for Moze in "Jealousy". It's possible that he did like her, but because of Moze's and Seth's failed attempts of asking each other out, their relationship never goes anywhere. He is one of the cool kids who sit at the cool table.


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