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2 girls who are on the cheer-leading squad with her Suzie Crabgrass (formerly)

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Marissa "Missy Meany" Johnson is a conceited cheerleader who is pretty and very popular. However, she turns out to be a nasty person who cheats at most anything and will stop at nothing to get her way. She develops an obsessive crush on Ned in season 3. She is a Gemini. She also has two bodyguards, who she cheerfully calls her collection team or "Missy Buddies". She is enemies with Suzie Crabgrass in season 2-3. She fears Jennifer Mosely and will not mess with her.

Season 2

Missy is introduced this season. She is her usual mean self, full of regret for what she had done in the past, but not ready to move on from it either. In the episode "Pep Rallies", we find out that Missy is head cheerleader. In this season, she shows no interest in Ned, but that will soon change in the next season for reasons that are unknown.

Season 3 

Missy is still mean, but meaner this season. She discovers that her frenemy, Suzie Crabgrass, likes Ned, while Missy likes him, too. We also find out she is a nose picker. She tries everything she can to get Suzie to back off. We especially see this in the episode "Popularity". She pretends that she is trying to help Ned get to Suzie, but instead is changing Ned to make Suzie hate him, which backfires on her. In the series finale, Missy is torn out of the picture and Ned must choose between Moze and Suzie. 


  • Her portrayer Carlie Casey also appeared on Big Time Rush as Mercedes Griffin.
  • Missy's name could be a reference to her portrayer, Carlie Casey.
  • Missy's character replaces Bitsy from season one.
  • In the episode "School Newspaper", Missy reveals to be a "Gemini".
  • She has a crush on Ned & in the episode "Spring Fever", she continuously tries to kiss him.
  • Her character is almost similar to Sharpay Evans from "High School Musical."
  • She kissed Ned three times (Popularity, Money and Spring Fever), at least twice on the lips (Popularity and Spring fever).
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