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Lisa Zemo is a student at James K. Polk Middle School and a recurring character in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. She is portrayed by Rachel Sibner.


Her many allergies, bizarre clothing, black-rimmed glasses, constant congestion, and nose drops make her unpopular for the first two seasons. At the beginning of season 3, her image changes drastically when she buys new allergy medicine which allows her to lose the glasses, congestion and nose drops. She also states that she and her mother went shopping for more stylish clothes.


In Seasons 1-2, Lisa is always a nice, caring, sweet person who always helped out a friend in need, especially "Simon", as she calls Cookie.

In Season 3, her new image causes her to become a more confident person. She's still sweet and caring and can't seem to turn down a date with anyone. The result of this is that she is perpetually followed around by an entourage of less-popular guys trying to get her attention.



For the first two seasons, Lisa has a rather obsessive crush on Cookie and at times goes to drastic lengths to be near him, but he does not return the affection. In season three, the position is reversed when Cookie is head-over-heels for the new stylish Lisa, but she never has much time for him. This implies that she has matured and is no longer obsessed with him. However, she does care about him, and the finale implies that they end up together.

She is also very helpful to Cookie. Like for example, in Sick Days she pulls him into the girls bathroom and makes his body temperature cold so that his right ear is not hot when Nurse Hunsucker takes his temperature.


  • She has a burping/belching talent, seen in "Talent Show".
  • On occasion, her mannerisms (and even appearance) emulate that of Velma Dinkley from the Scooby Doo franchise. It is shown when during a scene that parodied the "Scooby Doo Doors" sequence where she, dressed exactly like Velma, drops her glasses and utters the famous quote "My Glasses! I can't see without my glasses!"
  • She has the same last name as the barons Heinrich and Helmut Zemo from Marvel Comics because of this it's possible she's of German descent.


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