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Guide to: Spring Fever and School Newspaper
Seasons 3
Director David Kendall
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"Guide to: Spring Fever and School Newspaper" is a season 3 episode of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.


Part 1: Spring Fever

Winter ends and spring comes, so everyone wants to go outside. Crubbs doesn't let them go outside. Ned tries many ways to go outside, but they are all foiled by Missy, who spends the episode chasing after Ned and attempting repeatedly to kiss him. Meanwhile, Moze tries to decide wether she likes Ned or Faymen. Sweeny finally lets them do science class outside, Missy runs out yelling she has the fever & grabs Ned. Realizing he's stuck, Ned claims "One fever kiss can't hurt." Moze, who has realized she has feelings for Ned runs out to tell him, but by the time she arrives, Missy begins passionately kissing Ned on the lips, causing her to back off. & Faymen then comes and kisses Moze, When everyone is enjoying the trip outside, A cold front comes in. Also, Cookie gets to spend a few periods with Lisa, but the old Lisa is back- her allergies have returned. Moze tells him not to concentrate on her appearance and concentrate on her personality. He has a lockdown picnic with Lisa, but still can't help focusing on her looks. Then a while later her allergies have gone away again, but she starts to be busy with the guys that follow her around.


  • Tip#116.ACO - Got spring fever? Ask for class outside.

Part 2: School Newspaper

Mr. Monroe returns after living with penguins for a year. He decides to restart the school newspaper, and Moze and Cookie trick Ned into helping. Ned captures Moze later on and forces her to be the star reporter. He has Cookie write horoscopes, which no one can figure out how he does it. Coconut Head and Seth do the setup. Vice Principal Crubbs tells them that the man in charge of the School Board, Mr. Hal E. Burton is at Polk, and he tells them to behave.


  • Tip#411.LSP - Not a writer? Not a problem. Learn on the school paper.


Guest starring

  • Alan Thicke as School Board Chairperson Hal E. Burton


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  • The return of Mr. Monroe.
  • Fourth and longest kiss between Ned and Missy. This is also the first time her initial attempt to kiss him didn't succeed, prompting her to try again.
  • Though Missy catches Ned in the air vent, she strangely doesn't kiss him there.