Gordon Davenport
Name Gordon Davenport
Nickname Gordy
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Hometown N/A
Profession Janitor
Parents Unknown
Lover(s) Dr. Xavier (Crush)
Friend(s) Moze
Ned Bigby
The Weasel
Frenemie(s) Crubbs
The Weasel (formerly)
First Appeared Pilot
Last Appeared September 11th, in Seth Powers Apartment
Portrayer Daran Norris

Gordon "Gordy" Davenport is the janitor at James K. Polk Middle School.


Gordy is extremely medicated and rarely does his job, but the students love him because he's goofy and buys them beer sometimes. He's good friends with Ned, Cookie and Moze and is always willing to help them with their various schemes. Because of his alcoholism, Gordy has become a danger to himself and those around, always out to hurt himself in the hopes of escaping the monotony of janitorial work. It also appears that Gordy loves arson. He spends Sunday afternoons recovering from what he calls his "hellish weekend bouts with depression".

In Guide to: Reading and Principals, he reveals he once published a book about a man who was a janitor by day and a spy by night.


Ned Bigby




  • He doesn't like chocolate.

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