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Seth Powers (Boyfriend)
Simon Nelson-Cook (Ex-Boyfriend)

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Evelyn Kwong (Michelle Kim) is a character in Season 3 of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.


Evelyn is an extremely smart student at James K. Polk Middle School. She is one of Cookie's ex-girlfriends, and they are also rivals, constantly trying to out-do each other academically. She and Cookie may be enemies, but they kiss on occasion, usually completely by accident. It's possible she may be bipolar.

In the episode "Guide to: Health and Jealousy", she gets jealous when Cookie tries to get Lisa Zemo to date him. Instead of Lisa getting jealous of the doll Cookie and Gordy set up,  Evelyn tackles it and poses as Cookie's fake girlfriend. Despite this not being part of his plan, Cookie says Evelyn is his "girlfriend", but it backfires when Lisa tells him she's not the jealous type and Evelyn kisses him.

Evelyn is in love with Cookie, but she has a bizarre way of showing it: she often tries to trick him, beat him up, and kiss him, usually in the same period of time. There is one time where she very loudly asks Cookie out, but he never accepts. She lays out her clothes every day before school.
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Evelyn falling for Cookie's trap after apologizing to him

Evelyn is very loud and evil. She never likes it when anyone wants to date Cookie; she will be jealous and will shout at them. Eventually, she gives up on him and starts dating Seth.

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