"She was defective! It was a cordless saw that had a short and started without warning... That's why it was in a cage! I was going to return it and get a refund! But now... I'm out 320 bucks!"
~ Mr. Chopsaw angrily describing Christine, "Guide to: Cellphones and Woodshop"

Christine is a defective saw that starts up without warning. Mr. Chop saw warning cookie about her telling him that she is a bad saw despise of his warnings he accidentally let Christine out thought that his story was just fake but as he turned around she escaped wild freely which realize he made a mistake he tries to find her before mr.chopsaw find out that cookie was the one who let her out of the cage thought She was seemingly harmless which begins to show her true colors as she begins to chase him around the school and purposely She tried to kill Cookie and nearly almost succeeded.

She was stopped by the school psychiatrist when cookie was warning him that Christine is a possession homicide psychotic insanity machine maniac he was telling him that she was nothing but a dumb machine that only works for projects which shows the words of insult which turns on resumes in anger but She was destroyed by the school psychiatrist, who she also attempted to murder after he insulted her.

Personality and traits

Christine's defectiveness has caused her to have a sycophantic and cold personality. She knows only three things: Sleep, Hunt, and Kill. She will not let anything stand in her way, not even human beings such as Cookie. Mr. Chopsaw describes her as "bad". She doesn't like being in cages, and once she's free: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!! Despise of her Insanity personality she hates insults such as the word stupid or a dumb hunk of plastic which shows to make her more psychotic and homicide